We Have Budapest Bachelor Activities to Please Everyone!

We have a variety of Shooting activities for the boys who want to pretend they're in an action movie - Sly Stallone eat your heart out! You get to handle all manner of guns, just make sure you're firing in the right direction...

How about Go-Karting or Quads? Guys who love speed and the thrill of racing will have an absolute ball trying these Budapest bachelor activities. You can set up a little competition between the bachelors and include forfeits for the losers!

If you fancy getting a little more touchy-feely, then you can play 5-a-side footie or rugby to keep your fitness levels up while you're away. We'll even sort out a local team for you to play against if you really want to up your game!

Carnage and Fun

If you're feeling a little stressed out and you feel like getting rid of all that pent-up frustration, then we have the perfect activity for you - Carsmash! This isn't real life dodgems, purposefully crashing cars would be an insurers' nightmare! This activity is all about smashing a car to pieces with a variety of tools, until you feel better. You get a pretty good workout too!

The fantasy you had as a boy, can come true with our Tank Driving activity! Get those big guns out and go for your life. Maybe your dream was to jump out of a plane, but you've always been too scared? Then give Skyward a try - all the excitement, but no chance of falling to Earth at 100mph!

Relaxation and Naughtiness

If you like to chill out, then A Day at the Spa or the Thermal Baths are fantastic for easing you in to your weekend. Once suitably relaxed, the nightlife can begin!

You can choose from many Bachelor dinners and Strip Clubs, you could even combine the two and book a Naked Body Buffet! There's gorgeous girls Mud Wrestling, a Lesbi Show or even the Budapest Dominatrix to tickle your fancy!

Out of all of the Budapest bachelor activities, the pranks can be hilarious. From Fake Bride to Dwarf Handcuffs, there is no end to the embarrassment you can cause to your Bachelor!

Choose your bachelor activities in Budapest carefully, you don't want to miss out on some of the best fun on your last weekend of freedom!

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