Budapest Bachelor Activities for the More Adventurous

If you fancy some thrills and spills for your bachelor party, there are some fantastic Budapest bachelor activities which are perfect for getting the adrenalin pumping. There’s no time for sitting around, make sure the activities you choose are exciting, giving you brilliant memories to last you a lifetime!


Have you ever wanted to go skydiving, but suffer with vertigo? Well, there’s an amazing activity where you can have exactly the same experience, but you don’t need to jump out of a plane to do it! In a secure and safe environment, you will feel the same effects as skydiving, as the Skyward fans keep you freefalling through the air. You never know, it might give you the confidence to attempt a skydive! It’s great fun and we’ll give you a free beer once you’re done to calm those nerves!


If you feel stressed to the max after all of the wedding plans and organisation, then Carsmash could be the way to relieve those anxieties. One of the more extreme Budapest bachelor activities, it is exactly what the name suggests, you’ll be smashing up an old banger, with a variety of tools in any manner you wish. You’ll get safety glasses just to be on the safe side, but other than that, you can go as crazy as you like! Your local guide will escort you and once you’ve worked up a thirst, a round of beers will be waiting as you admire your handiwork!

Tank Driving

I bet you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be inside one of those huge tanks, blowing things to pieces! Unfortunately, we can’t allow you to blow buildings up (the insurance would be ridiculous) but you can take it for a joyride! Oh yes and you can even choose one from some of the wars gone by – from Afghanistan in 1979 all the way to ISIS in 2012. Live your childhood dream and capture the moment, imagine showing those pics to your grandkids!


Not as adrenalin-fuelled as the other Budapest bachelor activities, but just as much fun! Imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you hurtle down the 700m track, attempting to race each other in a toboggan, admiring the countryside view. You get to have 10 turns each, enjoying the slide of a lifetime, followed by a snack of a burger or hotdog, a real boys’ adventure!

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