Book a Latvian Sauna during your Bachelor Party in Riga

You might think that you've thought of everything for your Bachelor Party in Riga, but we bet you didn't think of having a Sauna Party! Oh yes, this unusual and refreshing pastime is a wonderful way to relax and experience Latvian culture at its best.

The Correct Supplies

You might think that turning up in your bathers, with a towel is all you'll need for this activity. You couldn't be more wrong. The Latvians take their steaming and sauna-ing very seriously, so take our advice and either rent or buy the necessities. Plastic sandals, a wash cloth, soap, mud mask and/or exfoliating mask, a dried birch branch and a wooden or plastic board to place your posterior on!

Shower, Steam, Repeat

Unless you want to look out of place, you will be naked during your visit and so will everybody else - no staring! You need to be ultra clean before your sauna, so get yourself all lathered up and rinsed, then enter the steam room. Once you're suitably warm and relaxed, head back to the shower to cool off!


To get your skin looking its best, exfoliation is the key. Any exfoliator will do, or even coffee grounds, which can be extremely invigorating! Alternatively, you could use a full-body mud mask. Coat yourself in the cooling mud and allow it to dry. Once you're dry and the mud is cracking, it's time to wash it off, taking all of those toxins with it.

The Main Sauna

After the exfoliating and mud mask, it's time to enter the main sauna. Ensure you've got a drink with you, because the sauna is very hot and dry, which is also why you'll need your little board to sit on, or it will be hot willies for the rest of your stay! The higher up in the sauna you sit, the hotter it will be, but if you're really up for the challenge, get yourself a woolly hat to really feel the heat - that's what the Latvians do!

Birch Branch Massage

What did you think you were going to do with it?! It's a Bachelor Party in Riga, so it could be anybody's guess! You soak it in order to rehydrate, then get one of your pals to massage you with it. A bit strange? Yes. Invigorating? Most definitely!

Don't forget to tidy up after yourself and ensure that you keep hydrated throughout the experience and afterward. You've had a lot of cleansing and eliminating of toxins taking place, so your body will need the extra fluid to feel normal again. Your Bachelor Party in Riga will be a crazy whirlwind of partying; book this marvellous activity to feel the culture and relax, your body will thank you for it!

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