Let us share the best bachelor weekend activities with you!

We’ve got almost 20 years of experience as bachelor weekend organisers, which makes us one of the most experienced ones ever. We’ve tried hundreds of activities and tailored thousands of events since we entered the market. To make sure you make the right decisions about the activities for your bachelor party, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite ones.


Arrive in style to the Hungarian capital! Book an airport limo transfer with us and you’ll see: the local ladies will definitely take notice. How about a boat cruise afterwards and a classic stag dinner before your big night out? Get yourself a local guide who’ll take you on a bar crawl based on your taste of music and drinking habits!

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Krakow’s famous for having the best parties in Poland. How about booking a party bus that takes you directly to vodka tasting? Sounds cool, right? And don’t forget about filling your stomachs: book a steak and strip dinner with us to get the party started. And where’s the party? Exactly where our local guides are: on a pub crawl, for example.

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Did you know how small Riga is? And why it’s beneficial for us? Because everything is located close to one another, which means that in most cases you won’t have to take taxis to go from one activity to another. May it be a beer bike, a pub crawl, a classic stag dinner or beer yoga, you can’t go wrong with Riga!

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Does go karting by the sea, a classic taverna dinner, a rooftop bar crawl and guided night club entry interest you? They’re some of our favourite activities in Athens. Why not give them a try? Let us know the time of your arrival and wait for your itinerary made by our local experts!

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It’s good to have more than one option as a bachelor party destination. If you’re the best man, we’d recommend that you select 2-3 destinations and let the group decide where to go.

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