Bachelor Weekends – Transfers – Accommodation – Activities – Guides

Your wedding may be all organised and ready to go, but are the plans for your upcoming Bachelor Weekend in place? Have you invited everyone? Checked the dates are ok? Booked your activities and accommodation? The list is endless. However, if you book your Bachelor Weekend with EuroTrip Party, all of that stress will be taken off your hands and into ours. With the exception of flights, everything else will be taken care of and you can look forward to your weekend of fun with nothing to remember, except your passport!

Airport Transfers

From the minute you touch down, EuroTrip Party will be there, waiting for your group at the airport. One of our lovely local guides will take you to your transport - which can be the standard minibus, or if you're feeling a little more flash with the cash - a Limo or Hummer Limo! Depending on which of these fabulous cars you choose, you can get free beer or bubbly and a stripper or two if you fancy it! Arrive in style and get your Bachelor Weekend started with a bang!


No matter which type you choose, all of our competitively-priced accommodation is clean, comfortable and right in the middle of party central! You can choose from hostels, hotels or apartments, depending on your group's preferences and you can look forward to a good night's sleep after your Bachelor Weekend shenanigans!


There aren't many activities we don't do. Over the years, we have built a marvellous portfolio of activities, which are ideally suited for Bachelor Weekends. You can have a go at Shooting (with real guns!), Zorb Football, Carsmash, Party Boat, Bachelor Pranks, not forgetting the delicious dinners and the even more tantalising strippers available for your entertainment! We have activities that will blow your mind - simply decide on the ones you'd love to do and we'll do the rest to ensure you get to do everything on your Bachelor Weekend wish list!

Local Guides

EuroTrip Party wouldn't be the success it is without our fantastic local guides. They know the 'ins and outs' of their home cities and will take you to the best bars and clubs, suited to your group. They'll help with translation, keep you out of trouble and ensure that you have the best Bachelor Weekend imaginable. Don't worry about having to watch your language or antics - trust us, she's seen (and heard) it all before. Bachelor Weekends are our business and with years of experience, we know that you'll have an amazing time if you book with us and let us do what we do best!
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