Can the Stag Take a Joke on his Bachelor Party in Krakow?

We know that playing pranks on the Bachelor are part and parcel of any Bachelor Party, but at EuroTrip Party, we've gone above and beyond to ensure that pranks and stripping go hand in hand, the best of both worlds!

Hitchhiking Stripper

The pranks can begin as soon as you've touched down at the airport. Once you're all on your way to the hotel, enjoying a Limo or Hummer Transfer, the boys will notice a lady who needs help on the side of the road. Obviously, you'll stop to give her a hand and she'll join you on your journey. The Bachelor won't know what's happening until the music starts and this gorgeous girl begins her striptease. All eyes will be on her as she slowly takes off her clothes until she's completely starkers! Your Bachelor Party in Krakow has begun!

Cleaner Stripper

Now, this perfect prank involves a sexy Polish stripper, who will visit your hotel room under the pretence of being the cleaner. Once inside and after a small amount of imaginary cleaning, she'll reveal herself to your Bachelor and begin an incredibly sultry and sexy dance, to tease and turn on the boys. The Bachelor will be surprised that you managed to pull a prank without leaving your hotel. There won't be much cleaning done, but you'll all be feeling ready to get going on your Krakow adventure!

Angry Neighbour Stripper

Obviously, a Bachelor Party in Krakow is going to get loud and raucous and will most likely upset the neighbours. Well, a very angry neighbour will come banging on your hotel room door, to give you a piece of her mind. She'll turn her attention to the Bachelor and then start to undress. The music will kick in and she'll give you all a performance that you won't forget in a while! The look on the Bachelor's face will be classic, embarrassment and shock written all over him, as he is made to sit and watch her strut her stuff until she's completely naked, with a big smile on her face!

Your Bachelor Party in Krakow wouldn't be the same without some Bachelor pranks and especially with some nakedness included - why wouldn't you want to book one of these for this special occasion?!

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