Bachelor Weekend in Krakow? Polish Vodka Tasting!

Once you’re in Poland you’ll have to remember one thing: vodka is the drink of the Polish people. So why not book a Polish vodka tasting for your bachelor weekend in Krakow and let us tell you the history of vodka and show you some interesting flavours?

The activity

Vodka Tasting starts the same way as all our activities do: one of our local guides picks you up at your accommodation and helps you get to the venue, which is nothing else than a super nice restaurant in the centre of Krakow. Its private room makes it the perfect place for a bachelor weekend in Krakow. Upon arriving to the restaurant, a vodka expert will escort you to your private room where 5 types of vodka will be waiting for you and your friends. Our vodka expert tells you a few words about the history of Polish vodka and explains how it’s produced. Then you’ll have the chance to sample those aforementioned 5 types of vodka. We won’t forget about your stomachs either: a selection of Polish pickles, sausages and bread will be placed on the table making sure you won’t get too drunk in such a short time.

What to choose

According to there are 5 must try Polish vodkas. The first one is Żubrówka (Bison Grass Vodka) famous for its main ingredient – grass – and its herbal taste. They say you should mix it with apple juice, which perfectly emphasises the herbal aspects. Żołądkowa Gorzka is known for its golden colour and the fact that it’s only distributed in Poland. Its alcohol content is ’’only’’ 36%, which is pretty low compared to other brands. Sobieski is one of the purest and softest vodkas in Poland. It was named after the fearless king, Jan III. Sobieski. Baczewski or J. A. Baczewski Vodka Monopolowa has been produced since 1781. It is made from potato and they say you’ll be surprised by its smoothness and distinctive taste once you try it. Dębowa (meaning Oak Vodka) is a herbal spirit with vanilla and pepper flavour and it’s officially the last one on our top 5 list.

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