Bachelor Weekend in Budapest? You have to try Mud Wrestling!

Have you ever dreamed of 2 naked ladies wrestling each other? EuroTrip Party’s here to fulfill your dreams!

About the activity

This is exactly how the activity looks: one of our lovely guides meets you in front of your accommodation and helps you get to the venue. This can be done in different ways: by walking (if the venue is within walking distance), by taxi, by a previously booked private minibus or by public transportation. As the best man and the leader of the group, the choice is yours. Once you arrive to the activity you can find yourself a comfortable place to sit or stand, while the only 2 things you’ll have to do is sip your cold beer and watch the show begin. During the first round 2 strippers will be wrestling with each other. They’ll involve the stag in the second one just to make sure he’s having extra fun (and make him feel embarassed in front of the whole party). 2 strippers aren’t enough? Add as many as you want (for an extra cost)! What makes the fun even better is a roly poly stripper! Why hesitate? Ask our customer service managers’ opinion! They’ve all done this activity and believe us, you get what you pay for!

About the location

The location of the event is in Budapest’s best strip club. Crazy, right? This means you don’t have to rent a whole strip club or visit unknown, dodgy places while you’re in Budapest just to have some fun… 4Play Lounge is famous for its VIP service and for being a real ’gentlemen’s club’.

If you didn’t get enough boobs during your mud wrestling event, you can come back anytime during the weekend and see the club for yourselves while it’s open. What’s more? If you book a guided pub crawl with us, another round of beers and a table dance comes for free with the package!

Give us a call or send us an e-mail to and we’ll take care of your perfect itinerary!

EuroTrip Party