Having Your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest? Order the Naked Body Buffet

Feeling hungry lads? Think you might fancy a little nibble on your bachelor weekend? Well, you won't be disappointed. We have managed to incorporate food with nakedness. I know, how do we come up with this stuff? Pretty simple really. We understand the need for food, we're human too. We also understand that a Bachelor Party without some nakedness is like having a boogie without any music. It just doesn't cut the mustard...

Fancy a Nibble?! 

Whether you're a sweet or savoury type of guy, you can indulge your fantasies with your favourite food atop a gorgeous naked lady. It won't be obvious at first, but don't panic, as you and the boys chomp your way through the culinary delights, her nakedness will become apparent! There might be a fishy piece balancing on her nipple, or a piece of fruit wedged betwixt her thighs, the thrill is guessing which food is hiding which body part! You can choose from Naked Body Sushi, where you'll get 6-8 pieces of Sushi each, or Naked Body Dessert, which is made up of fruit, chocolate and whipped cream.

Budapest Boat Cruise

The Naked Body Buffet generally only takes around half an hour, so this activity can only be incorporated into another activity, like the Boat Cruise or one of the Dinners, such as the Classic Bachelor Dinner. The Boat Cruise is a fabulous way to spend a couple of hours. Idling down the River Danube, beer in hand, while you take in the sights of Budapest. Bring along your favourite tunes to ramp things up a gear, book a stripper or two, as well as the Naked Body Buffet, what a divine way to spend your bachelor weekend in Budapest!

Classic Bachelor Dinner

The Classic Bachelor Dinner is excellent value for money. You get a three-course meal, three beers each and a shot of Pálinka (Hungarian Fruit Schnapps). At the end of the meal, there are 'delicious dames' for dessert - a special strip show, to help your food go down! You could include the Naked Body Buffet before or after your meal - who cares? It's your special weekend, do whatever floats your boat! 

Eat, drink and be merry Bachelors! Take advantage of the sheer amount of activities you can do on your bachelor weekend in Budapest, it might be the only one you get invited to and it just isn't the same on your own!

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