Having Your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest? Hire a Private Strip Club!

Your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest wouldn't be the same if there was no nakedness, and we don't mean yours! Bachelors across the land visit beautiful Budapest for its architecture, Ruin Pubs and more importantly, the fantastic Strip Clubs. You can choose from many amazing strip clubs located in the centre of Budapest. Just make sure you get some good advice from our local guide before you go. Better still, take her with you! She's seen it all before, so won't be cringing when a half naked stripper is rubbing her boobs in your face...She will ensure that your Bachelor Party goes to a genuine club and not one of the dodgier ones, where you can get ripped off and worse...

Private Strip Club

Of course, this is one way to see some hot, Hungarian strippers. Another way, would be to hire a Private Strip Club, just for you and the Bachelors! Exclusive access to the best strip club in Budapest - 4Play Lounge, for 2 hours. You'll get to see 5 Pole Dancing strippers, a round of free beers and 25% discount on all drinks bought. No hassle from other guys in the club, all attention from the girls will be on you and there are many other things you could include, to make your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest, one to remember!

Fancy a snack?!

Should you boys get hungry while you're there, but you can't tear yourselves away from all the nakedness, you don't need to! If you order a Naked Body Buffet, you can combine eating with a gorgeous, naked lady. She'll be lying on a table, covered with either fruit, chocolate and whipped cream, or if you prefer savoury, you can opt for Sushi! As your Bachelor Party devours the food, her nakedness will become more apparent...

Mud Wrestling

Should your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest not be complete without some absolute filthiness, how about some girl-on-girl Mud Wrestling? Oh yes, at the 4Play Lounge, you could book this activity and watch with your tongues hanging out, as two stunning, Hungarian hotties rub themselves against each other, in a good old mud wrestle. First round's for them, 2nd round includes the Bachelor! Don't tell him you've booked, it will be even funnier. The girls are there to win; he'll likely be naked with mud in every orifice, by the time they finish with him...

This is a brilliant way to really personalise your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest, think of the photo opportunities in the middle of the activity and the memories to last a lifetime!

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