A Bachelor Party in Krakow to Remember – Oil Fight!

Your Bachelor Party in Krakow wouldn't be complete without a good old Oil Fight! No, not for you and the boys, but with 2 stunningly hot, Polish strippers! A fabulous scene to behold - girls in bikinis all lathered up in slippery, glistening oil, ready to demonstrate their wrestling abilities!

The Activity

There are 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. The first two rounds are the girls slowly writhing around in a purpose-built inflatable pool, wrestling with each other, while you watch open-mouthed. By the end of the second round, the ladies will have stripped each other of their bikinis, their impressive bodies naked for all to see. The third round is for the Bachelor humiliation. He gets to join them and wrestle… The Bachelor can do his best to prevent this from happening, but our girls are fantastic wrestlers and if he plays his cards right, he'll end up almost (or completely) naked and covered in oil with the girls writhing around on top of him! We'll give you 2 rounds of beer on the house, but feel free to purchase more, you may need to cool yourselves down - your Bachelor Party in Krakow has just begun!

Your Guide

One of our fabulous local guides will escort you to the Oil Wrestling extravaganza, to ensure that you all get there on time (God forbid you miss it because you're late!) and she'll be able to translate anything should you need it. Once the wonderful spectacle is finally over, she can take you to some of the best party places in town, to strut your stuff and find yourselves some beautiful Polish ladies to hit the dance floor with. Should you prefer to see some gorgeous ladies spinning around a pole or stripping on your lap, ask your guide for the best strip joints in town, she'll be happy to oblige! After all, this is your one and only bachelor party in Krakow, enjoy it to the max!

EuroTrip Party