Bachelor Party in Budapest? You Have to Play a Stripper Prank!

Your Bachelor Party in Budapest would not be complete without some serious Bachelor pranking! He'll be expecting some jokes made at his expense, so don't disappoint. At EuroTrip Party, we have some fantastic pranks involving strippers, or if you boys have any better ideas, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate!

Hitchhiker Stripper

It will be the last thing on his mind when you and the Bachelor are either arriving or departing on your transfer bus or limo. "Oh look!" One of you says, "there's a poor girl on her own, needing a lift..." Of course, you'll all agree to help her out and on the bus she gets. She'll appear as if she's grateful for the lift, but then...she'll start to take her clothes off! The Bachelor won't know what's hit him! She'll give him all of her attention, taking off her underwear until she's naked - he won't know where to look, he'll be red-faced and embarrassed, while you guys giggle!

Police Officer Stripper

Imagine having a meal and a few drinks, when suddenly a female Police Officer enters and arrests your Bachelor! He'll be shocked as she handcuffs him and tells him what a naughty boy he's been. As she sits him down and begins her sultry strip tease, he'll be mortified and probably annoyed that you've managed to prank him without him realising! The stunning Police Stripper will strut her stuff and strip right down to sheer nakedness, getting up close and personal, with the Bachelor not being able to do a thing about it!

Lesbi Show

Book the famous Lesbi Show as part of a Boat Cruise, Dinner or Transfer. Two sexy girls will entertain the boys (as well as themselves!), playing and fondling while your Bachelor sits wide-eyed and open-mouthed! Don't mention the activity to the Bachelor, just sit and watch his face as the spectacle unfolds...

Roly Poly Stripper

Classic prank for your Bachelor Party in Budapest! The Bachelor will be blindfolded by a delectable, sexy stripper, who will mysteriously disappear! In her place will be a Roly Poly Stripper, larger than life, who will delight in his humiliation as she displays her buxom body for all to see! There won't be a dry eye in the house...

Boys, if you're serious about having the greatest Bachelor Party, make sure that you book one of our brilliant Stripper Pranks. It will be the best surprise for your Bachelor, giving you all hilarious memories for years to come...

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