Hotel or Hostel For Your Budapest Bachelor Party?

One of the important considerations when booking your Bachelor Party, is the accommodation. There's nothing worse than going away for a break and finding that your lodgings are unsuitable and/or uncomfortable. Well, don't worry, we only have the best accommodation on offer for our clients, which are regularly checked to ensure standards are being upheld. You can choose from hostels, apartments and hotels and book the most appropriate for your group.

Budapest Hostel

Ideal if you're on a strict budget and you'd rather spend money on activities. The hostels will accommodate between 4-12 people to a room and there's ample space to unpack your clothes and get some sleep. All of our hostels are situated in the centre of Budapest, so there's no need to concern yourselves with getting buses or taxis to your favourite bar or club.

3* Apartments

Your own apartment means more privacy. You get your own fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, as well as twin beds - so nobody needs to share. Your transfers and a Guided Nightlife tour are included and the bars and clubs are a stone's throw away!

Budget Hotel

If you're concerned about spending too much on your lodgings but don't fancy a hostel, then the Budget Hotel could suit your needs. Quad rooms are available, which are clean and modern and close to all of the nightlife and drinking dens!

3* Superior Hotel

If you fancy a bit more authenticity as part of your Budapest Bachelor Party, then these hotels are perfect. Traditional, with the original architecture and a lovely ancestral atmosphere, you'll feel like you've gone back in time. The modern nightlife isn't far away, so you get the best of both worlds!

3* Central Hotel

As it states, these hotels are situated centrally for your pleasure! A lovely, contemporary hotel with all the usual extras and a comfortable bed. All this and your transfers and a Guided Nightlife Tour thrown in too!

4* Hotel

If you're looking for some luxury, then our deluxe 4* hotel will suit you down to the ground. Gorgeous decor, delicious breakfast, real high-end accommodation. Your sleep will be uninterrupted in these extravagant and comfortable rooms, even though the clubs and bars are nearby!

Choose wisely, my friends. If you need that little bit of luxury, go for it! But for the budget conscious, you can still get a good night's sleep at a great price, for your Bachelor Party in Budapest!

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