Bachelor parties abroad – why book with EuroTrip Party?

It’s been very popular to go to another country to celebrate our best friend’s last night of freedom. Bachelor parties abroad are so much fun. But why do people like visiting foreign countries so much? The answer is easy: because no one knows them at the chosen destination. ’What happens in Budapest stays in Budapest.’ This is what we always tell our groups once they land. What happens after? Let’s find out…

Daytime Activities

From boat cruises to beer bikes, Budapest has it all! The choice is yours: what’s most important for you and the bachelor: boobs & booze or a good talk with friends and a relaxing time? If the answer is ’both’ we can combine it all together. Book a 2 hour boat cruise with us, enjoy a fascinating view, a few (or more) rounds of beers and a good chat with your friends. Add some spice to the event! How about adding bikini waitresses to the boat or some of our most gorgeous strippers entertaining the bachelor? Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Night Activities

If you like the feeling of old ruin bars, rooftop bars and endless parties at the best clubs, then look no further! Our guided pub crawl is one of the best things that can happen to you during a bachelor weekend. Why is it so popular? Because you party people don’t have to worry about finding the best places in town. Our local guide will meet you at your accommodation, ask your preferences (What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor places? What’s more important to you: beer, wine or cocktails and long drinks?) and tailor the event based on your answer. She’ll take you on a 5-6 hour bar crawl and finish the night in an amazing club. What’s even better is that with her you’ll avoid all the dodgy places in the city. If there’s one thing we can truly recommend: be nice to your local guide.

Bachelor parties can be absolute dreams or nightmares. With EuroTrip Party, you’ll have no problems during your weekend.

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