Athens, the Bachelor Party Destination and Rooftop Bar Crawls

We’re sure you’ve already heard thousands of stories of what a popular tourist destination Athens is. The city itself is famous for such gifts to the world as democracy, geometry, philosophy, modern medicine and of course the Olympic Games. What you may not know is that in recent years Athens has become one of the top destinations in Europe for revellers looking to have a good time.

What is a Rooftop Bar Crawl?

You don’t have to imagine anything complicated. Thanks to the fact that most of the famous rooftop bars are located close to a certain square in Athens, you won’t have to walk too much. Your local guide’s going to meet you at your accommodation and start the Bar Crawl with the best rooftop bars Athens has to offer. She’s going to take you to 3-4 bars (depending on the group). A free beer or a long drink is included in the activity.

We’ll share some of the most famous rooftop bars of Athens with you:

A for Athens

Located on the top of Hotel ’A for Athens’. This is a huge rooftop bar serving special cocktails and has probably the most wonderful view of all: you can see the famous Acropolis perfectly from there. Almost all cocktails are between 10-12 €. Service is great, waiters and waitresses are passionate about their job. If you don’t know what to pick, just listen to their recommendations.


The famous 360 Bar can’t be missed while in Athens either! It’s located at the Monastiraki square, so it can be reached very easily. The quality of drinks and service are the same as in every 360 Bar all over the world and this is exactly why it’s a good choice for your night out! A 360 degree view is guaranteed!

City Zen

City Zen is an all day bar in Athens you can visit whenever you want to. Not only is the cocktail and wine list amazing, but they serve very good food too! If you don’t have time to visit this place during your rooftop bar crawl, make sure you check it out during the day! Climb up to the top (or use the elevator) after a Beach Afternoon or Go karting by the sea. City Zen is always a good choice.

However, don’t think that these are the only options you have. You can discover these by yourselves. The reason why you should book a Rooftop Bar Crawl with us is that our local guides know the best ones in the city. Why are those the best ones? Because they’re hidden and only locals know where to find them. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us at!

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