4 ways to get to your activity on time during your Bachelor Weekend in Budapest

When you’re on a bachelor weekend the only thing you should worry about is getting to your booked activities on time. If you book with EuroTrip Party a local guide is included in every activity making sure everything goes smoothly – arriving to your activities on time and paying special attention to time-frames.

If an activity isn’t located in the city centre you automatically get transfers to and from the venue from us. But what happens when the venue is in the centre? Well, we’ve got 4 suggestions for you.

Private minibus

You always have the option of asking your guide to call you a private minibus that takes you from A to B. The advantage of a minibus is that the whole group is together which means you can go everywhere together and the group doesn’t have to split. The disadvantage is that it’s a bit more expensive than just calling cabs or using public transportation.


Calling taxis that take you to the venue has been the most popular choice always. It’s easy and safe and you only have to pay by car. And believe us, taxis are not so expensive in Budapest.

Public transportation

Using public transportation is super cheap in Budapest and what’s even better is that it’s said to be very good: trams, metros and buses can take you anywhere for only 1 GBP per person. Of course, if you’re a big group it can be quite hard to keep everyone together. In this case, we’d definitely recommend a private minibus.


And of course the easiest way is always walking. Especially when you live close to where the activity will happen. In cases like this there’s no question as to the mode of transport.

What we’d recommend is to communicate with your guide all the time. She knows how much time and money you need to get anywhere in town.

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